Poet-tree En Motion: Spring Rites & The Femme-Mynistiques Fundraiser Night!

Poet-tree En Motion…

Presents Spring 2014 Performance Series

April 2nd, May 7th & June 4th!

Wednesdays, 7-10:30pm


All events located @ The Rotunda

4014 Walnut Street, West Philly, PA 19104




This ongoing seasonal series features a variety of dance/movement/theater mediums, live electronic/acoustic music, vocalists & poetry/spoken-word presentations, circus/fire/flow arts performances, community art creations, live painting & VJ projections…

Doors Open @ 7pm (& Open Mic/Stage & Jam Session Sign up Begins)


April 2nd: Spring Rites & The Femme-Mynistiques Fundraiser Night!


  • The Femme-Mynistiques



This entrancing trio brings together; Plum Dragoness-the lyrical poetess, Lady Omni-the omnipotent emcee & Alexa Gold-the golden voice!!! Together the Femme-mynistiques are a righteous storm creating a innovative niche on the scene with their awe-inspiring original fusion of Lyrical Poetry, Omnipotent Raps & Siren Vocals set to dynamic variety of conscious hip hop, tribal house, down-tempo & electronic music. Performances blend their respective skillfulness in music production, dance choreography, theater arts, poetry as performance and song writing into an illuminating blend of ancient rites that celebrate the modern spirit of freedom, unity and love.


In honor of The Femme-mynistiques, DONATIONS will be accepted @ Door & RAFFLE tickets will be sold for Prizes (Art/Goods/Services) to help fund recording of debut EP “Here She Comes…”


May 7th: Spring Fire Lights the Night & Lunar Celebrations!

June 4th: Summer Festivities & Plum Dragoness Annual Fundraising Auction! 


Join the Facebook Group for Poet-tree En Motion here: facebook.com/groups/116980678334215




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