~Retro Relix~™

by Gabrielle de Burke (The Plum Dragoness)

“Individual style redefined… salvaging vintage relics… recreating the past with a striking presence… each piece is unique… One of a kind!”

Style Wars City Paper Photo

Article Clipping from the City Paper (Phila, PA) StyleWARS 1997!Article Clipping from the City Paper (Phila, PA) StyleWARS 1997

I’ve been creating jewelry, clothing and accessories from recycled materials and found objects / parts for over 15 years as an independent artist.

My line is called ~Retro~Relix~™

RetroRelix LogoDrawing by Brielle D.

Samples of my work can be found online at www.retrorelix.com

Current work now available on retrorelix.etsy.com

Email me for more info at theretrorelix@gmail.com