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Mandarin24Gabrielle initially became interested in yoga during her childhood partially as a result of visiting w/ her Sikh friends & neighbors who had a private shrine / studio in their home dedicated to the Kundalini practice. Stimulated by her early influences & interest in the healing arts she began as a young adult studying Hatha and later Ashtanga yoga plus Hap-kido while in college from 1996-1998.

In 1999, Gabrielle immersed herself in the Chinese medical practices of Taoist internal/martial art forms by training with Master Chik Quadir Mason, founder of the Spirit Wind Internal Arts Society. She received many certifications of study in various martial/internal arts such as Pa-Kua Chang, Tao Yin Yoga Level II, Yin & Yang Medical Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan plus earning her “Warrior Sash” for Kung Fu, in addition to healing arts bodywork techniques such as Lin Zi Chi Therapy and Thai Massage. Part of her studies with the school involved participating in group demonstrations, collaborations, & performances, including poetry dedicated to & inspired by specific animal forms learned (listen to “The Crane Awakening” on the Tunecore widget on merchandise page). In 2000, she earned her B.A. from Temple University’s Department of Theater with an exploratory concentration in dance, music & voice. As an apprentice to Sifu Mason in 2001, she practiced his lessons & materials while encouraged to integrate them along with the material she studied as a multi-disciplinary performance artist.

After Sifu Mason left Philadelphia in 2001, she began to develop her signature style of movement meditation in combination with performance presentation into a system of practice. She joined the Philadelphia-based theater company ArcheDream for HumanKind later on that autumn to tour in the original touring group.

Aside from her role as assistant artistic director, she was a lead performer and choreographer who also facilitated healing arts and theater / movement / dance workshops training company members and various students involved in residency programs until 2006 (her choreography from “the shamyn’s breath”).

Mandarin22Gabrielle’s work as a healing arts practitioner and instructor continues to intersect with her work as an inter-disciplinary performance artist through the incorporation of internal and martial arts forms in combination with dance, poetry and theater presentation.

Gabrielle is a certified yoga teacher (through the Rasa School), plus registered & insured through the Yoga Alliance.  Aside from her three years of intensive studies with Sifu Chik Quadir Mason, she trained in Capoeira Arts with Mastre Doutor the of ASCAB Group, in addition to studying Ashtanga Yoga with Miko-Doi Smith, Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, Vinyasa Yoga with, Yang style T’ai Chi Chuan with Master Yang Jun, Taoist (Yin/Yang) Yoga with Master Pauli Zink and Thai Bodywork with Michael Buck. She facilitates private lessons, group classes/workshops & is available for Thai Bodywork sessions.



Gabrielle de Burke

Yogic & Taoist Arts Instructor
Thai Bodywork Practitioner



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